The DVP1080 HD Digital Video Processor offers a new design for superior
high bandwidth High Definition processing to optimize the new
1920x1080p digital displays by converting 1080i interlaced
HD video to a clean 1080p progressive format.
For 34 years Faroudja has been the leader in video
processing technology. Faroudja was the first to offer
1080p HD video processing in 2000 for 9" CRT
projectors. This expertise is now critical for
the next generation digital displays.
Full HD cross conversion and standard
definition processing using patented
technology for deinterlacing, motion
tracking, color fidelity and image
detail makes the DVP1080 the
central component of any high
performance theater. All types
of displays benefit from this
processing including plasma,
DLP, LCD, DILA and CRT devices.
Get the most out of your digital
display investment with
the DVP1080.

HD Digital

Video Processor

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