NETGEAR EX2700 manual Select Attached Devices

Models: EX2700

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When the wireless device connects through the extender to your router, the MAC address of the wireless device shown on the router is translated to another MAC address. If your router’s MAC filter is enabled, the wireless device connects to the extender but cannot get an IP address from the extender and cannot access the Internet.

To allow the wireless device to receive an IP address from the extender and access the Internet, you must provide the translated MAC address to the router.

1.Disable the MAC filter on your router.

2.Power on the extender and connect all of your wireless devices to the extender network.

3.Make sure that the Router Link LED remains lit.

4.Launch a web browser and in the address field, enter or

A login screen displays.

5.Enter admin for the user name and password for the password.

6.Select Attached Devices.

The Attached Devices screen displays the MAC addresses for computers and devices that are connected to the extender network.

7.Add any MAC addresses that begin with 02:0F:B5 to your router’s MAC filter table.


Page 15
Image 15
NETGEAR EX2700 manual Select Attached Devices