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Fire alarm systems Frame for flush mounted EBL512, 1568
Same colour as the c.i.e. housing
Prepared for simple mounting


The frame 1568 is used when a c.i.e.
EBL512 shall be flush mounted.
The frame is made of metal and has the
same grey colour as the EBL512 housing.
The frame width is 30 mm on all four sides.
In order to make it possible to open the door,
the housing has to be placed approx. 60 mm
out from the wall. Behind the housing there
might be need of space for some mounting
device. See figure to the right.
The frame is prepared with mounting holes
(Ø=6 mm), two holes on each side and one
hole at the top and at the bottom. It is also
prepared for access to the EBL512 housing's
knock-outs for cable entries. See figure on
the opposite page.