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Fire alarm systems Alert annunciation controller 1740
Controller for the Alert Annunciation function
Compact size

Alert annunciation controller

When the Alert Annunciation (AA) function
shall be used in system EBL500. The unit is
required for the related manoeuvres, i.e. to
acknowledge / reset the alarms.
For a detailed description of the Alert
Annunciation function, see system EBL500
Planning and Operating Instructions.
The unit shall be mounted close to the c.i.e.
(or an ext. FBP / Presentation unit) where
the fire alarms will be presented.

LEDs, push buttons etc.

The designation texts for the LEDs and push
buttons on the front are in Swedish.
The unit has the following LEDs:
Larm, indicating fire / AA alarm.
Drift, indicating that the unit is in
operation, i.e. the AA function is
enabled in the system. Normally a time
channel is used to enable this function.
Räddningstj��nsten larmad, indicating
that the "Fire brigade tx" output is
activated in the c.i.e. because:
- the activated fire alarm is not an AA
- the AA function has been ended, e.g.
the acknowledge or investigation time
has run out, etc.
Kvittering, indicating that the AA alarm
has been acknowledged.
The unit has the following push buttons:
Kvittering, used to acknowledge an AA
Återställning, used to reset an AA

Compact size

The compact size enclosure is made of grey
high impact ABS. Fitted with a supple-
mentary "O" ring gasket, it will comply with
IP61, in respect of dust and moisture. The
unit has no door, i.e. the front is accessed
directly, when required. The push buttons
are disabled until they are supposed to be
used. The unit shall be wall mounted.


The LED "Kvittering" (Acknowledge) can
be turned on by the push button
"Kvittering" (Acknowledge) or by an
input, i.e. a programmable output in the
c.i.e. This is set via a jumper "JP1" in the
The unit is power supplied from the c.i.e.
or an external power supply.
One supplementary compression gland
can be used for cable entry when required.

Product application

1740 is intended to be used in the fire alarm
system EBL500 but can be used in the
systems EBL1000 / 2000 / 512 / 128 as well.
The 1740 controller is intended to succeed
the alert annunciation controller 2232.