Independent Hands free Kit with DSP for Bluetooth Mobile Phones
SuperTooth II is equipped with Bluetooth and Digital Signal Processor which allow wireless
communications on devices such as cellular phones.
This is designed lo be a totally portable wireless handsfree kit which will enable the user to
communicate freely without holding the phone. This will work on any Bluetooth cellular
phones available provided that they respect the Bluetooth protocol.
Don't forget: Drive safely and within the law.
Essentially the new law means that if you have to use a mobile phone while driving a
vehicle then you must use some form of handsfree device.
1. Swivel Arm
2. Reject button
3. Headphone Jack
4. Speaker
5. Charger Input
6. Pick-Up/Hang-Up Indicator
7. Pick-Up/Hang-Up button
8. Microphone
9. Bluetooth Indicator
10. Charge Indicator
11. Volume Control
“On” Position
the Swivel Arm (1)
is open at 55°
“Off” Position,
the Swivel Arm (1)
is closed at 0°