CD Soundmachine with
Dynamic Bass Boost


MP3 cassette


VCD / MP3-CD Soundmachine

With AZ5140, you can playback your favortie VCD movies, MP3-CD, cassette tape or
enjoy your favorite radio stations through the two powerful stereo speakers.
Feature-packed VCD and CD player
VCD2.0 playback
MP3-CD playback means MP3 plays like a normal audio CD.
FM/MW stereo tuner
Autostop stereo cassette deck
Rich and clear sound experience
Dynamic Bass Boost for deep and dramatic sound
Bass Reflex speakers deliver a powerful, deeper bass
3" full range speakers
Easy to use
On Screen Display for easy navigation
9 frames digest preview for easy navigation
Super Error Correction for distortion-free VCD playback
PAL/NTSC compatible
Handy remote control