Audio CD-Recorder

CDR 930

Philips Mini component CD-Recorder CDR 930

AD - DA convertor UDA1341TS (CODEC)
Sample Rate Conversion (12-56 kHz)
Direct Line Recording (DLR)
Records HQ-CD format
Analogue + digital (separate channel) record level control (64 steps)
Continuous calibration (Running OPC)
2x CD text features (input & editing for max. 60 characters)
Max. 99-track program
CD Synchronised auto start recording from
all analogue and digital sources (disc & track)
Text scrolling
Standby (via RC) + hard on/off
Music calendar
Easy jog (Menu controlled user interface)
High quality starbust FTD (display)
Auto (un) finalise
Erasing per track, selection of last tracks & whole disc
(takes max. 2 min.)
Tray blocking (dealer function)
Integrated remote control FW930R
Digital coaxial connection to FW930R