If a fault occurs,first check the points listed below before taking the set for
If you are unable to solve a problem by following these hints,consult your
dealer or service center.
Sound skips during playback on my KEY player
Compression level of your WMA or MP3 files may be different from the
supported format of your player.Please see page 25 for details.
Use a lower compression level to record your file into MP3 format.
Data corrupted during file transfer.
Repeat file transfer and follow all screen instructions properly.Make sure
you only unplug the player when the orange indicator stops blinking!
USB does not seem to work
Connections loose/ incorrect.
Check player is securely connected and connections to your computer
are correct.
Wrong Windows version.
Your computer must be equipped with Windows 98 or better (see
page 10).
USB driver not installed.
For Windows 98 users only,check you have installed the USB driver
provided from the installation CD-ROM (See page 10-11).
Electrostatic discharge.
Adjust the function switch to OFF/ CHARGEposition, and then
adjust to the PLAYBACK/ DOWNLOAD position to reset the
Do not dismantle the unit as there is a risk of electric shock! Under no
circumstances should you try to repair the set yourself,as this will invalidate the
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