Quick start guide
Thank you for buying this Philips wearable digital audio player.To get started,follow
the steps as shown.

1 Charge

Charge up your player (5 hours) before
using it.Adjust the function switch on the
player to OFF/CHARGE.Switch on
your computer.Detach the USB cover
and connect the player to your
computer's USB port.(Windows 98 user s,please install required drivers


) While charging,the indicator on your player lights up green.

2 Download

Adjust the function switch to PLAYBACK/
DOWNLOAD.Connect the player to your
computer's USB port.To transfer MP3 or WMA
files from your computer to the player simply
drag and drop in Windows Explorer. Alternatively use
MUSICMATCH Jukeboxto transfer your files.To install this program,
insert the by-packed CD-ROM into your computer's CD-ROM drive.The
installation menu is automatically launched for first-time application users.

3 Play

Make sure the function switch is in the
PLAYBACK/ DOWNLOADposition.To listen
to your music,connect the remote control &
headphones to your player and press 2;.

Find more information on the by-packed CD-ROM or visit


*CAUTION!Windows 98 users:
To avoid problems with playback,do not connect the player
to the USB port until after you complete step 2:Download.
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