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We reserve the right to change details of design, materials and finish.

Lighting Systems A-9

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8-1/16” (20.48cm)

1. Housing: Extruded aluminum housing in lengths of 4’ (121.92cm), 8’ (243.84cm)
and 12’ (365.76cm). There are no exposed fasteners. The end caps are die-cast
aluminum sculpted and finished to match the housing.
6. Shielding: Die-formed 20 gauge steel finished to match housing.
2. Reflector: Die-formed high purity anodized specular aluminum.
3. Lamping: One T5 28W or 54W lamp per four-foot nominal length. Provided
by others.
4. Alignment Mechanism: The housing and the end cap each have a draw tight
mechanism that creates a hairline joint along and at the ends of the run. To
operate the mechanism, the installer tightens two screws.
5. Track Option: The housing has the capability of having single circuit Lytespan®
track fixtures for accent lighting. The track is an integral component of the
housing. The fixture housing comes with a cover to conceal any portion of the
track that doesn’t have a track fixture installed. The cover can be cut to length
in the field. There is an optional cover (ATC) that creates a nearly seamless
transition from the fluorescent fixture to the track fixture.
UL, cUL and I.B.E.W.
Powder coated baked white or silver enamel.
Custom colors available, consult factory.
All mounting is on 48” (121.92cm), 96” (243.84cm) and 144” (365.76cm) centers.
Cable Suspension (not shown) 4-1/2" (11.43cm) diameter flat canopy finished
white enamel, 1/16" (0.16cm) diameter stainless steel aircraft cable adjustable up
to 36" (91.44cm) and adjustable cable gripper. Cable mounting at the ends of a run
is not available when track is being used. Installing stems at the ends of the run
will prevent the fixture from hanging off center caused by the weight of the track
fixture. Cable suspension can be used in the center of runs that have track
installed. Consult factory for other options.
Stem Mounting (not shown) - 4-1/2" (11.43cm) diameter flat canopy, 1/4"
(0.64cm) IP (1/2” (1.27cm) OD) stem. The stem can accommodate up to 2-12 gauge
and 3-18 gauge solid wires. All components have a white finish.
Ballast is <10% THD, 1.0 ballast factor, program start. Color-coded quick
connectors allow ease of connection for joiner modules. For special circuiting
consult factory. Factory installed ballast disconnect allows the ballast to be
disconnected from and reconnected to incoming power under load without turning
the entire circtuit off.
Dimming: 120/277 VAC 1% dimming level, 4 or 5 wire feed required.
Emergency Battery Pack: 28 watt: 520 lumens @ 90 minutes, 54 watt: 700
lumens @ 90 minutes.
There are two types of power feed end sets for the track option. One has a stem
containing five solid wires and the other end set has one 5 wire and one 3 wire
stem. Single power feed end sets allow for 16 amps of track fixtures per run while
dual power feed end sets allow 32 amps per run.
Ordering Instructions
Individual Fixtures:
1. Order number of MODULES required.
Continuous Rows:
1. Determine run length.
2. Order the appropriate number of MODULES for the complete run.
3. Order one POWER FEED END SET per run.
4. Order one INTERMEDIATE SUSPENSION per MODULE minus one per run.
5. For runs that exceed amperage limits, order the appropriate number of
Module Ordering Information
Family Series Track Length Shielding Lamps Finish Options
A 2 A A
A= Track
B= No Track
4= 4-Foot
8= 8-Foot
12 = 12-Foot
A= Solid
B= Perf
C= Pierce
D= Lens
28 = 28w
54 = 54w
WH = White
AL = Aluminum
D1 = Dimming 120v
D2 = Dimming 277v
X5 = 5 Through Wires
Complete ordering instructions below.
E1 = Emergency Pack, 120v
E2 = Emergency Pack, 277v