Philips SILHOUETTE®Series
T5 Circular & High Output
Circular Fluorescent Lamps

Powerful, ultra-slim circular lamps

Philips SILHOUETTE®Series T5 Circular and HO Circular

lamps are ultra-slim with improved color rendering, higher

efficacy, and longer life.T5 HO circular lamps offer

extraordinary light output.

Slim profile lamp and ballast
• Design flexibility
• Improved optical control
• Fixtures can be 45% smaller than standard T9 circline systems
Better for the environment
• Dimmable for additional energy savings
• Energy efficient
• Less material means less waste
• Longer life
SILHOUETTE®T5 HO circulars offer 70% more lumens
than standard SILHOUETTE®T5 circular lamps
Operates on programmed start ballasts
Ideal for offices and
commercial establishments
where smaller, more
appealing fixture designs
are required