Flush Unit: 2-1/2" (64mm) overall height, meets ADA requirements.
Ballast Channel: 0.05' (1.3mm) min. thick, 1-1/2' x 1-1/2' (38mm x 38mm) brushed
and anodized extruded aluminum ballast channel. Provided with knock-outs and
threaded holes to accept all mounting accessories.
Channel Cover: 0.04' (1mm) thick brushed and anodized aluminum ballast cover.
Press-fit installation. No visible hardware.
Multi-Function Block (2): Solid brushed and anodized aluminum finish. Retains
lampholder housing to the ballast channel. Also functions as a wireway for
continuous rows and patterns.
Lampholder Housing (2): 0.08' (2mm) min. thick, 1' (25mm) square brushed and
anodized aluminum with turret style locking socket.
Plug Insert (2): 0.56" (14mm) dia. 0.31" (8mm) min. deep Solid brushed and anodized
aluminum finish. Hide the holes at each end of ballast channel when luminaire is not
row mounted.

Options and Accessories

Emergency Lighting: Electronic Bodine slim profile battery pack The emergency
ballast senses the power failure and immediately switches to emergency mode
by illuminating the lamp at a reduced lumen output for a minimum of 90 mins.
The battery fully recharges within 24 hours. Add suffix (EM) to the catalogue
DALI Interface: Digital Addressable Lighting Interface available upon request
for individual luminaires. Ballast 120 volts or 277 volts only. Consult your
Lightolier representative.


cULus Listed. Suitable for damp locations.


Direct Mount: Square canopies or invisible feed suitable for plaster ceiling, exposed
ceiling or suspended ceilings mounts.

KUBIK 1.5 SL111A1

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Ordering guide (complete luminaire consist of unit & power feed)

Unit/Louver Cat. No. Lamp (linear) Volts Ballast Type Finish

SL111A128PIU 120/277V
SL111A128PIH 1 -28W T 5 347V Programmed Rapid Start
SL111A154PIU 120/277V
SL111A154PIH 347V Brushed and Anodized Aluminum
SL111A154MZ1 1-54W T5 HO 120V
SL111A154MZ2 277V Dimming Mark 10
SL111A154PCU 120/277V Dimming PowerSpec HDF
Ballast Channel Channel Cover Lampholder Housing
Multi-Function Block Plug Insert
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We reserve the right to change details of design, materials and finish.
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Job Name:
Cat. No.:
Suspended Mount: Single stem or aircraft cable with round canopy suitable
for mounting on a standard outlet box for plaster ceiling, exposed installation
or suspended ceilings mounts. Stem and cable mounts can both be used on
the same luminaire.
Patterns: Suitable for different patterns in continuous row mounting.
Wall Mount: Can be wall mounted vertically or horizontally.


Ballast: Electronic slim profile 1 lamp 28W T5 or 54W T5H0 linear ballast.
U: Universal voltage ballast automatically detects 120V to 277V, 50 or 60Hz
1: 120V ballast only.
2: 277V ballast only.
H: 347V ballast only.
Lampholder: G5 plug-in base, miniature Bi-pin.


Natural brushed and anodized aluminum. All painted parts are powder coat
paint process.
Lightolier is a Philips group brand