DVR-2920QInternal DVD/CD Writer

Featuring QflixDVD Download & Burn


The DVR-2920Q Internal DVD/CD Writer from Pioneer, and included
software from Roxio, enables computer users to Download & Burn
Hollywood movies from online content providers and create their own
DVDs. The included software will also allow users to create personal
videos, make digital photo slideshows, burn music CDs, and back up data
files onto DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R and DVD+RW discs with ease. The
Pioneer DVR-2920Q has a writing speed of 20x for DVD-R/+R and 12x for
DVD-R/+R (DL).
Serial-ATA (SATA) Interface
Dual/Double Layer recording provides nearly twice the capacity of a
single layer recordable DVD-R (8.5 Gbytes vs. 4.7 Gbytes)
Features Qflix– Download & Burn technology that allows users to
purchase Hollywood movies from the Internet and burn them to DVD
New features – Optimal Write Speed, Quiet Drive, and Improved
Durability (Anti-Dust)