Proctor-Silex 840096000 manual How to Use, Helpful Hints, How To Clean

Models: 840096000

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How to Use

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How to Use

1.Place food in suitable container for mixing. For best results, solid foods should be no larger than 1-inch chunks.

2.Plug into outlet.

3.Grasp unit in hand. Push fingertip control. Slowly move the blade through the food; up, down and sideways.

4.Do not immerse blender past the MAX line.

5.Do not operate the motor continuously for more than one minute at a time.

6.Unplug from outlet when not in use.

Helpful Hints

For thorough blending, move blade up and down in mixture until smooth.

For best mixing results, use deep, tall containers.

For easy cleanup, unplug blender and rinse under running water immediately after using.

To use the blender in a saucepan be sure to remove the pan from the stove as the blender is not designed for use over a heat source.

To puree foods, a certain amount of liquid is needed. Add cooking liquid, broth, juice, milk, or cream, until desired consistency is reached.

This appliance is not intended to chop ice. Add ice to beverage after blending.

This appliance is not intended to beat egg whites.

How To Clean

1.Unplug the unit from the outlet.

2.Hold the blade portion of the blender under hot running water to rinse clean.

3.If food particles are not easily rinsed off the blade, place a drop of dish detergent in a mixing container with one cup of warm water. Plug cord into outlet. Immerse the blade portion and operate the unit for about 10 seconds. Unplug, rinse under hot water, then dry.

4.Never hold the motor portion of the hand blender under running water. Never immerse the unit past the MAX line. Simply wipe clean with a damp cloth.



Page 3
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Proctor-Silex 840096000 manual How to Use, Helpful Hints, How To Clean