Ryobi manual safety rules, operation, CB120L 130503001 130503005, Battery Protection Features

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12 volt LITHIUM-ION battery pack

12 volt LITHIUM-ION battery pack




Always mention the above model number when communi- cating with us regarding battery pack.

Use battery pack for Ryobi cordless products only. Refer to the Operator’s Manual provided with product.

safety rules


Read and understand all instructions. Failure to follow all instructions listed below, may result in electric shock, fire and/or serious personal injury.

Battery tools do not have to be plugged into an electrical outlet; therefore, they are always in operating condition. Be aware of possible hazards when not using your battery tool or when changing accessories. Following this rule will reduce the risk of electric shock, fire, or serious personal injury.

Do not place battery tools or their batteries near fire or heat. This will reduce the risk of explosion and possibly injury.

Do not crush, drop or damage battery pack. Do not use a battery pack or charger that has been dropped or received a sharp blow. A damaged battery is subject to explosion. Properly dispose of a dropped or damaged battery immediately.

Batteries can explode in the presence of a source of ignition, such as a pilot light. To reduce the risk of serious personal injury, never use any cordless product in the presence of open flame. An exploded battery can propel debris and chemicals. If exposed, flush with water immediately.

Do not charge battery tool in a damp or wet location. Following this rule will reduce the risk of electric shock.

Recommended chargers:



CB120L (130503001, 130503005)

CH120L (140503001)

For best results, your battery tool should be charged in a location where the temperature is more than 50°F but less than 100°F. To reduce the risk of serious personal injury, do not store outside or in vehicles.

Under extreme usage or temperature conditions, battery leakage may occur. If liquid comes in contact with your skin, wash immediately with soap and water, then neutralize with lemon juice or vinegar. If liquid gets into your eyes, flush them with clean water for at least 10 minutes, then seek immediate medical attention. Following this rule will reduce the risk of serious personal injury.

Save these instructions. Refer to them frequently and use them to instruct others who may use this tool. If you loan someone this tool, loan them these instructions also to prevent misuse of the product and possible injury.



Ryobi One+ 12 V lithium-ion batteries are designed with features that protect the lithium-ion cells and maximize battery life.

If the tool stops during use, release the trigger to reset and resume operation. If the tool still does not work, the battery needs to be recharged.


Battery packs for this tool are shipped in a low charge condition to prevent possible problems. Therefore, you should charge them until the green LED on the front of the charger comes on.

Charge Time: 40 minutes


If the charger does not charge the battery pack under normal circumstances, return both the battery pack and charger to your nearest Authorized Service Center for electrical check.

Charge only with recommended charger.

Make sure the power supply is normal household voltage, 120 volts, AC only, 60 Hz.

Make sure the latches on each side of the battery pack snap into place and the battery pack is secured in the charger before beginning operation.

Connect the charger to the power supply.

Press down on the battery pack to be sure contacts on the battery pack engage properly with contacts in the charger.

Note: After charging is complete, the green LED will remain on until the battery pack is removed from the charger or charger is disconnected from the power supply.

The battery pack will become slightly warm to the touch while charging. This is normal and does not indicate a problem.

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Ryobi 140503001, CH120L manual safety rules, operation, CB120L 130503001 130503005, Battery Protection Features