Matching Stand*
To help match your décor,these stands include
both gloss-black and silver-gray leg panels.

Universal stand

TR61X2SB fits 61" and 71" models.**

Universal stand

TR46X3SB matches 50" and 56" models.
* Sold separately. See authorized retailer
or visit for details.
** For 71", an additional rail kit (TR71RAIL) must be ordered.
1080p HD Format

1080p vs. 720p

Compared to the 720p format,1080p presents over
twice as many pixels.With over two million pixels, the
1080p format delivers better detail and clarity for both
static and fast-moving images.
ConvenienceSamsung TVs with DLPTechnology

Picture format size adjustment

Enjoy all of your 4:3 aspect-ratio programming in smooth,wide screen without black bars.
Five pre-set aspect ratio modes – Normal,Wide, Panorama,Zoom 1 and Zoom 2 – stretch
your image to fill the screen naturally.
Powered by Samsung’s Cinema Smooth
technology,3:2 Pull Down corrects for
the artificial frames created when films
are converted to DVDs.The result is a
clearer image without the subtle motion
artifacts caused by 24-to-30 frames per
second video conversion.
4:3 Normal 16:9 Wide Panorama Zoom 1

Cinema SmoothFilm Mode 3:2 Pull Down

Cinema Mode

Samsung’s Cinema Mode lets you see colors the way the director intended,by matching
them more closely to production standards.This creates more accurate colors and natural
skin tones when viewing Hollywood movies on your TV – the perfect setting when enjoying
movies with the lights off.
Interlaced Progressive Cinema
30 frames Artificial 60 frames Natural 60 frames
Samsung Anynet lets you control all of your Anynet-enabled Samsung
components through the TV’s remote control.This feature facilitates
“one-touch”control operations such as turning on the TV, DVD player
and selecting the proper inputs.

AnynetSystem Control Solution

High-quality virtual surround sound
can be experienced with just the
speakers built into your TV.SRS
TruSurround XT technology delivers
an amazing,simulated 3-D effect
with clear dialog and powerful bass.
SRS TruSurround XT
TV Guide On Screen®
The TV Guide On Screen®Interactive Program Guide is a subscription-free,built-in service that
provides listings for cable-ready,cable box, digital cable and over-the-air broadcasts directly on
your TV.It lets you find your favorite shows and see which ones are in HD, schedule recordings
and reminders and navigate hundreds of channels with ease.
Zoom 2
Sample HD image
• Award-winning DLPTechnology by Texas Instruments is the choice of
digital theaters the world over.Samsung has over seven years of experience
in creating light engines that harness this powerful technology.
• Better picture uniformity over time:No burn-in, uneven screen aging or
color-shifting possible.
• Samsung Cinema SmoothLight Engine creates a film-like natural picture
without visible pixelation.
• Detail advantage:Samsung’s sixth-generation 1080p DLP TVs have crisper
whites and blacker blacks.