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OWNER’S MANUAL — Please read before using this equipment.
Thank you for purchasing a RadioShack Amplified Indoor TV Antenna. Your antenna provides
excellent reception of VHF and UHF broadcast TV channels and FM radio stations in most
listening locations. You can connect the antenna's 75-ohm connector directly to your TV or FM



To get the best performance from your
antenna, select a mounting location indoors,
on a flat surface, as high as possible, such as
on top of your TV. Make sure the front of the
antenna faces the general direction of the
nearest television or radio station's
broadcasting antenna.
For the best results, make sure the antenna
is located away from obstructions such as
metal cabinets or bookshelves. Do not place
the antenna near any metal surface such as
a refrigerator, a metal door or wall, or a water
pipe hidden behind a wall. This greatly
reduces the antenna’s ability to receive
signals. ±



1. Connect the 75-ohm coaxial cable to
your TV’s antenna input terminal or your
radio’s FM antenna input terminal.
If your TV has screw terminals for VHF/UHF connection,
connect an optional 75-
to-300 ohm transformer between the
coaxial cable and the VHF/UHF
If your TV has a 75-ohm VHF connector and a 300-ohm UHF connector,
an optional signal splitter between the
coaxial cable and the TV’s VHF/UHF
2. Fully extend the telescoping antenna
For VHF TV Channels 2-13 and FM radio stations,
adjust the rotary knob
until you get the best picture and sound.
For UHF TV channels 14-69,
rotate the
base of the antenna until you get the
best picture and sound. °


If an icon appears at the end of a paragraph, go
to the box on that page with the corresponding
icon for pertinent information.
# — Important °
° — Hint
± — Note
39-inch, Telescoping, black
chrome-plated, VHF/FM
antenna elements — fully
adjustable to give you the
best possible reception.
12 Position Phase
Control — lets you
improve picture quality
as needed.
Gold plated 75-ohm Coaxial
Connector and Cable
(supplied) — for use with
cable-ready televisions.





Higher frequencies are noticeably affected by





In weak-signal areas you might get slightly
better reception by doing the following:
For Channels 7-13 and FM radio, shorten the
telescoping elements slightly.
For all other VHF channels, adjust the angle
of the telescoping elements.