quick start guide


1.Product features

Larger Capacity

The Samsung Side by side Refrigerator has plenty of space for all your groceries, beverages,frozen foods and leftovers. It’s the perfect size for any occasion - holiday celebration, family reunion or Super Bowl party.

Clearview In-door ice system

Located directly on the freezer door, the icemaker is easier to use and doesn’t take up valuable shelf space. The seethrough glass also lets you check on the amount of ice

available at a glance

LED Tower Lighting

This space-saving LED fi xture illuminates every corner of the fridge, so things are easier to fi nd. Also LED emits less heat than conventional bulb lighting, affecting less damage to the temperature management.

Twin Cooling System

The refrigerator and the freezer have two evaporators. Given this independent system, the freezer and

the refrigerator are cooled individually as required and are, therefore, more effi cient. Food odor from the refrigerator does not affect food in the freezer due to separate air fl ow circulation.

Surround Multi Air Outlets

Cooling air fl ows out through multiple outlets in every shelf level. This provides even cooling throughout the refrigerator, and quickly returns back to temperature when the door has been opened. So it maintains an

ideal temperature to keep your food fresh longer.