Using secret mode

In secret mode, you can separately save and manage open tabs, bookmarks, and saved pages. You can lock secret mode using a password and your fingerprint.

Activating secret mode

Tap MORE Enable Secret mode. If you are using this feature for the first time, set whether to use a password for secret mode.

In secret mode, you cannot use some features, such as screen capture.

In secret mode, the device will change the colour of the toolbars.

Changing security settings

You can change your password or the lock method.

Tap MORE Settings Privacy Secret mode security Change password. To set your registered fingerprint as the lock method along with the password, tap the Fingerprints switch to activate it. Refer to Fingerprint recognition for more information about using your fingerprints.

Deactivating secret mode

Tap MORE Disable Secret mode. Alternatively, close the Internet app.