Camera settings

On the preview screen, tap .

The available options may vary depending on the shooting mode and which camera is being used.

Video size (rear) / Video size (front): Select a resolution for videos. Using a higher resolution will result in higher quality videos, but they will take up more memory.

Gesture control: Set the device to detect your palm, so you can use it to take self- portraits.

Save pictures as previewed: Invert the image to create a mirror-image of the original scene, when taking photos with the front camera.

Video stabilisation: Activate anti-shake to reduce or eliminate blurry image resulting from camera shake while recording a video.

View mode: Change the aspect ratio of the preview screen.

Grid lines: Display viewfinder guides to help composition when selecting subjects.

Location tags: Attach a GPS location tag to the photo.

GPS signal strength may decrease in locations where the signal is obstructed, such

as between buildings or in low-lying areas, or in poor weather conditions.

Your location may appear on your photos when you upload them to the Internet. To avoid this, deactivate the location tag setting.

Review pictures: Set the device to show photos after capturing them.

Storage location: Select the memory location for storage.

Volume keys function: Set the device to use the Volume key to control the shutter or zoom function.

Reset settings: Reset the camera settings.