Simplicity 5101604 manual Ground Speed Control Lever Adjustment, Speed Balancing Adjustment

Models: 5101604 543777-0113-E1

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Ground Speed Control Lever Adjustment

Ground Speed Control Lever Adjustment

The control levers can be adjusted in three ways. The alignment of the control levers, the placement of the levers (how close the ends are to one another) and the height of the levers can be adjusted.

To Adjust the Handle Alignment

Loosen the mount bolts (A, Figure 33) and pivot the lever(s) (C) to align with each other.

To Adjust the Handle Placement

Loosen the jam nuts and adjust the placement bolt (B) in or out to properly adjust the lever end spacing.

To Adjust the Handle Height

Remove the mounting hardware and reposition the handle either up or down from its original position. You will need to readjust the handle alignment as described above.

Regular Maintenance




Figure 33. Control Lever Adjustment

A.Alignment Hardware

B.Placement Hardware

C.Ground Speed Control Lever

Speed Balancing Adjustment

If the rider veers to the right or left when the ground speed control levers are in the maximum forward position, the top speed of each of these levers can be balanced by turning the adjustment bolt(s) (A, Figure 34). Only adjust the speed of the wheel that is traveling faster.

To Reduce the Speed of the Faster Wheel

1.Loosen the securing nut.

2.Turn the top speed adjustment bolt counter-clockwiseto reduce the speed.

3.Retighten the securing nut when adjustment is complete.

To Adjust the Handle AlignmentWARNING

Do NOT adjust the tractor for a faster overall speed forward or reverse than it was designed for.

To Adjust the Handle Placement B


Figure 34. Top Speed Adjustment

A.Top Speed Adjustment Bolt

B.Control Lever Base


Page 35
Image 35
Simplicity 5101604, 543777-0113-E1 Ground Speed Control Lever Adjustment, Speed Balancing Adjustment, Regular Maintenance