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Attaching and Removing Accessories
(Cat. No. 0779-20)
This impact wrench is intended only for use
with sockets designed for impact wrenches
and that have a 1/2" square drive. Other
sockets could shatter or break, causing
Fig. 2
For optimum weight
distribution and bal-
ance, insert the battery
pack from the back of
the tool.
Fig. 1
For working in re-
stricted spaces, insert
the battery pack from
the front of the tool.
1. To attach a socket or other accessory,
align the hole in the accessory with
the detent pin on the drive shank.
Hold the detent pin in while pushing
the socket onto the drive shank. The
detent pin will snap into place in the hole
to secure the socket.
2. To remove the accessory, insert a nail
or other thin object into the hole in the
accessory and press the detent pin in.
Pull the accessory off the drive shank.
Fig. 4
Drive shank
Detent pin
Charge only V28™ Lithium-Ion
battery packs on V28 Lithium-
Ion chargers. Other brands of
batteries may cause personal
injury or damage.
For speci c charging instructions,
please read the operator's manual
supplied with your charger.
Always lock trigger or remove battery
pack before changing or removing
accessories. Only use accessories
speci cally recommended for this
tool. Others may be hazardous.
Use only sockets and other
accessories speci cally designed for
use on impact wrenches and drivers.
Other sockets and accessories might
shatter or break causing injury.
Removing Battery Pack from Tool
Push in the release buttons and pull the bat-
tery pack away from the tool.
Inserting Battery Pack into Tool
The battery pack can be inserted into the
tool in two ways. To insert the battery pack
onto the tool, slide the pack onto the body
of the tool. Make sure it latches securely
into place.
Attaching and Removing the Tool Hanger
1. To attach, remove the two top gear case
screws (Fig. 3).
2. Place the ring through the tool hanger.
3. Position the tool hanger on the tool over
the two gear case screw holes.
4. Replace the two gear case screws.
Hand tighten the screws.
5. To remove, reverse the procedure.
Fig. 3
Attaching and Removing Accessories
(Cat. No. 0799-20, or other Impact Wrenches
using the Quick Change 1/2” Square Drive
to 7/16” Hex Adapter)
Cat. No. 0799-20 and accessory Cat. No.
48-66-0061 are intended for use with drill
bits and adapters with a 7/16” Hex Quick.
The Quick Change shank has a ball-retainer
groove. It is not intended for use with Hex
Shank Bit Extensions.
1. To attach an accessory, pull the chuck
collar forward and insert the accessory
shank. Release the collar. It may be
necessary to pull the bit out slightly to
engage the holding mechanism.
2. To remove the accessory, pull the chuck
collar forward and remove the acces-
sory. Release the collar.
Fig. 5
Ball retainer
Open (Release)
Closed (Locked)