Flat Panel Television

Key Features
ATSC Integrated Tuner with CableCARD Slot
16:9 HD Resolution S-PVA Panel - 1366(H) x 768(V)
WEGA Engine
WCG-CCFL (Wide Color Gamut-CCFL) backlight
- Easy Operation Guide
PC Input
HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) Connector
Key Technologies
7th Generation Sony
LCD Panel
The Sony®
® series uses the worlds first 7th generation Sony
LCD panel for truly matchless image quality and performance. Specially crafted at the S
LCD plant, these panels
are produced from the world
s biggest mother glass to efficiently create large, high quality panels. The 1 Mega
Pixel S
PVA high definition display (1366 x 768) that is used offers an astounding 178 degree viewing angle, very
fast response times (8 ms total rise and fall time) and a spectacular contrast ratio.
-CCFL (Wide Color Gamut-Cold Cathode Fluorescent Light)
Sony brings decades of television expertise
and experience to LCD with a revolutionary backlight
CCFL. New spectrum phosphors have been developed
exclusively by Sony to deliver a very wide color gamut that exceeds the color gamut of ordinary CCFL backlights
and produces true reds, vivid greens and vibrant blues. Images are reproduced with enhanced vibrancy and
intensity resulting in an even greater sense of realism.
WEGA Engine
Because of the special demands HDTV places on signal quality a new generation of Sonys
exclusive WEGA Engine advanced picture quality system has evolved. Two innovative digital imaging processes
have been added to improve overall picture quality. A High Contrast Image processor dynamically detects the
histogram of each frame and instantly applies the ideal contrast level for crisper images. And the Natural High
Density Picture image processor reduces noise elements by intelligently separating the noise from the video
signal for a purer more detailed picture. Enjoy a stunning display of realistic images, amazing detail and
sharpness, reduced noise and enhanced clarity with improved depth and contrast.
User Guide
Explore and navigate your Sony
television effortlessly with the WEGA GATE
user guide. You can easily change your settings or access your favorite TV channels and external inputs. Simply
touch the WEGA GATE button on the remote control to activate the comprehensive graphic menu. Your eyes remain
on the screen instead of searching in the dark for tiny buttons on the remote control.