Record DVDs Directly from Camcorder/
VCR - No Computer Required
Real time Recording, High Quality
Hardware MPEG2 Encoding
DV and Analog (Composite + S-Video)
Record on DVD±R/±RW Discs, Even
DVD+R Double Layer Discs
Automatic Menu and Chapter Creation
Can Be Connected to Computer
Via USB 2.0 For for 16X max.
DVD Burning
Includes Award Winning Nero
Software Suite For PC Burning
Introducing DVDirect (DVD Direct), the world’s fi rst hybrid DVD recorder capable of burning DVDs
with or without a Computer. Quickly and easily preserve home movies from tapes directly onto
DVD in DVD Direct’s stand-alone operation mode. DVD Direct can record on standard 4.7GB
or Double Layer 8.5GB discs for up to 12 hours of video storage on a single disc. DVDirect can
also be connected to a computer equipped with USB 2.0 for high speed 16X maximum burning,
allowing you to create copies of your home movie DVDs for friends and family. As well as create
advanced DVD projects, and so much more – the possibilities are like no other!
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