Sony Branded Optical Storage
Introducing the VRD-VC30, Sony’s latest video-only DVDirect recorder. Transfer home video
to DVD, quickly and easily – no PC needed. Connect virtually any camcorder, VCR, even
Digital Video Recorder (DVR) and record video to DVD in real time. Enhanced connectivity
to Sony HDD Handycam®family will record video from HDD to DVD at up to 6X speed and
even “span” multiple DVDs if the video exceeds the capacity of a single DVD. Support for
advanced camcorder features, including 16:9and 4:3 aspect ratio and Dolby®Digital 5.1
surround sound. Connect to Windows®Vista
/XP/2000 PC to make DVD copies to share.
Connectivity and ease of use make the DVDirect VC30a DVD recorder like no other!

Stand-alone features – no PC required!

• Direct, real-time video DVD recording from virtually any camcorder, VCR, or DVRs
• Convenient DVD recording from Sony HDD Handycam®- records all video or just
what’s new and changed since last DVD burn, at up to 6X speed
• Consolidate multiple mini camcorder DVDs to full size DVD
• Transfer video from Digital Video Recorders (DVR) to DVD
• Support for 16:9(wide screen) and 4:3 (full screen) aspect ratios
• Dolby Digital 5.1Surround Sound (requires compatible camcorder)

Computer Attached Operation

• Connect to computer via USB 2.0for making copies of home video or photo DVDs to share
• Create advanced DVD projects with customized menus, video editing, and more
• Includes award winning Nero®7Essentials software suite

DVDirect®VC30 Multi-Function DVD Recorder