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Guide To Using

TASCAM Handheld Recorders

For DSLR Filmmaking

TASCAM has been a leader in audio recording for lmmak-
ers for over 30 years. Our DR-05, DR-07mkII and DR-100
are perfect high-quality audio recorders to match with DSLR,
HDV and other prosumer cameras that are missing great
audio. Capture every moment on-set to give your productions
the polish and legibility your clients demand.
Feature DR-05 DR-07mkII DR-100
Built-in stereo condenser
Omni Cardioid,
Omni & Cardioid
Recording resolution MP3 or WAV,
up to 96k/24-bit
MP3 or WAV,
up to 96k/24-bit
MP3 or WAV,
up to 96k/24-bit
Recording media MicroSD card MicroSD card SD Card
Batteries AA AA AA or Li-ion
Microphone input Stereo 1/8” mini Stereo 1/8” mini (2x) XLR with
phantom power
Remote Control Wired/Wireless
Adjustable speed/pitch playback Yes Yes Ye s
Stereo limiter on input Yes Ye s Yes
Built-in speaker Yes Yes Ye s
Line output Combo Phones/Line Out Combo Phones/Line Out Separate Line &
Phones outputs
Battery life 17 hours 17 hours 9+ hours
Optional windscreen WS-DR2 WS-DR2 (Included)
Included accessories 2GB card 2GB card 2GB card, Li-ion battery,
remote, case, windscreen
Advantages Full-featured
stereo recorder
microphones avoid back-
ground noise
XLR inputs to connect
external mics, dual
Estimated street price $99 $149 $329

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