Satellite 1110 Series

Great Features at a Value Price

Model(s): Part Number

Satellite 1110-S153
Cel1800MHz/14.1”TFT/256MB/20GB/DVD/Mdm/LAN/Li-Ion/WinXP Pro PS111U-006MN7

Product Highlights

Intel® Celeron® processor at 1.80GHz
256MB expandable to 512MB
All-in-one design
20GB hard disk drive
DVD-ROM drive
3.5” 1.44MB floppy disk drive
Great Features
14.1” TFT active-matrix display
16MB ATI M-6 video memory
Get On-Line
Integrated V.92/56K modem
Integrated 10/100 Ethernet LAN

System Characteristics

CPU (See CPU Performance Disclaimer)
Intel® Celeron® processor at 1.80GHz*
Integrated co-processor
L2 Cache
256KB Level 2 Cache integrated in module
400MHz processor bus clock speed
256MB expandable to 512MB
Expansion Memory: SODIMM, 128Mbit/256Mbit PC1600
Data/Address Bus Width; 64-bit/32-bit
Intel® 845MZ Chipset
Mass Storage
Floppy Disk Drive: 3.5”, 1.44MB
Primary Hard Disk Drive: 20GB hard disk drive; Enhanced IDE
(ATA-5) Interface; 9.5mm height, 0.2lbs, 13ms average access
time (read), 3ms track to track seek time (read), supports PIO
mode4, Ultra DMA mode5 & Multiword DMA mode2
DVD-ROM: Enhanced IDE (ATAPI Interface); Compatibility:
CD-ROM, CD-R(read-only), CD-RW(read only), DVD-ROM, DVD-
R(read only); supports PIO mode4, Ultra DMA mode2 &
Multiword DMA mode2
Software Decoder: WinDVD
14.1”TFT color LCD active-matrix display; internal display
supports 1024 x 768 Resolution
16MB ATI M6-C graphics controller; 16MB external DDR video
3D Graphics Accelerator, AGP bus support; 2D Graphics
Accelerator, BitBLT hardware, Hardware cursor, Direct Draw
External Color Support/Refresh rate:
800x600; 60/70/72/75/85/90/100/120/160Hz
(depending on CRT)
1024x768; 60/70/72/75/85/90/100HZ (depending on
1280x1024; 60/70/75/85/90/100Hz (depending on
1600x1200; 60/75/85/100/120Hz (depending on CRT)
Input Devices
Keyboard: Full sized 85 keys with 12 function keys, 3mm key
stroke, 7mm height; Dedicated Windows & Application keys
support; HotKey function; TouchPad pointing device; Scroll
function (by help of driver)
2 Expansion memory slots (including main memory slot); 2 PC
Card slots support 2 Type II or 1 Type III PC Cards; 32-bit
CardBus ready
Integrated V.92/56K modem; Data and fax support
Integrated 10/100 Ethernet LAN
Due to FCC limitations, speeds of 53kbps are the maximum permissible
transmission rates during Download. Actual data transmission speeds will
vary depending on line conditions.
Parallel printer port
RGB (Monitor) port
3 Universal Serial Bus ports
RJ-11 modem port
RJ-45 LAN port
Physical Description
Dimensions (LxWxH): 12.6” x 10.9” x 1.5”
Weight: 6.9 lbs
LED Indicators: Power, Power Save Mode, HDD, CD/DVD, FDD,
DC-IN, Caps Lock, Arrow, Numeric, Main Battery Charging
Status, System Sleep / Suspend status
Realtek ALC202A Codec Chip; Software sound
16-bit stereo, Windows Sound System; SoundBlaster Pro
compatible (in DOS box only); Built-in stereo speakers
3D sound support with HRTF 3D positional audio; Direct 3D
Sound (supported by sound driver); Hardware acceleration for
DirectSound and DirectMusic; Full Duplex and MIDI support
Sound Volume
Ports: Microphone port, headphone port
Power Supply
AC Adapter: 75W AC Adapter, 100-240V / 50-60Hz frequency
(Universal) input voltage, 19V x 3.95AOutput.
Dimensions (LxWxH): 4.3” x 2.4” x 1.2”
Weight: 0.7lbs
Battery Pack: 8-cell, rechargeable, removable Li-Ion battery,
Dimension (LxWxH): 5.0” x 3.8” 0.8”
Weight: 1.01lbs
Up to 2.0H battery life; Recharge time (Off/On): 3.5H / 3.5-8H
Battery life may vary depending on applications, power
management settings and features utilized. Recharge time varies
depending on usage. Battery may not charge while computer is
consuming full power. After a period of time, the battery will lose
its ability to perform at maximum capacity and will need to be
replaced. This is normal for all batteries. To purchase a new
battery pack, see your accessories information that shipped with
your computer or visit the Toshiba website at
Cable lock slot, HDD and memory (by screw only), Built-in
Modem (screw only), User Power on Password, Supervisor
Password, Setup Security, Screen Blank (by Hotkey), Screen
Saver by software
Operating System
Microsoft Windows XP Pro pre-installed
Microsoft Windows 2000 component drivers on the web
Additional Software
Intuit Quicken Basic 2001
Norton AntiVirus 2002
AT&T Worldnet® Service – 1 Month Free*
*Telephone access and other charges and other terms and
conditions may apply. Offer available to new customers only.
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