Refrigerator Door
Install and Remove Handles
Graphics are included later in this section.
1. Place handle on the door or drawer as shown.
2. Using a Phillips screwdriver, attach the handle to the door
with the handle screws.
3. Place the handle trim pieces on the handle ends as shown.
4. Using your hand, apply firm pressure on the face of the trim
and slide the trim piece toward the center of the handle.
5. To remove handles, reverse directions.
Remove Freezer Drawer
Graphics are included later in this section.
IMPORTANT: Two people may be required to complete this
1. Open the freezer drawer to full extension.
2. Remove all articles from baskets.
3. Pull the upper wire basket out to full extension and lift out to
4. Lift lower basket straight up and out to remove.
5. Remove the basket cradles from the drawer rails. Push the
snap attachments inward away from the drawer rails to
unlatch the basket cradles. Lift the basket cradles off of the
drawer rails.
6. Lift the top of the freezer drawer front to disengage drawer
rail hooks from drawer rails. Lift drawer out.
Replace Freezer Drawer
IMPORTANT: Two people may be required to complete this
1. Pull both drawer rails out to full extension.
2. Locate the notches on the inside of each drawer rail. See
Graphic 6-1.
3. While supporting the drawer front, hook the drawer supports
into the notches on the inside of the drawer rails. Lower the
drawer front into its final position. See Graphic 6-2.
4. Place the basket cradles back on the drawer rails. Align the
snap attachments with the slots on the drawer rails, and
press each snap toward the rail until it clicks.
5. With drawer rails pulled out to full extension, set the lower
basket straight down into the basket cradles.
6. Slide the upper basket into the molded drawer rail. Make sure
the rear of the basket hooks behind the drawer rail stop.
Remove Door and Hinges
Unplug refrigerator or disconnect power. Remove food and
any adjustable door or utility bins from doors.
All graphics referenced in the following instructions are
included later in this section after Final Steps.
TOOLS NEEDED: ⁵⁄₁₆", ³⁄₈", ¹⁄₄" hex-head socket wrench, a #2
Phillips screwdriver, and a flat-blade screwdriver.
1. Keep the refrigerator door closed until you are ready to lift it
free from the cabinet.
NOTE: Provide additional support for the doors while the
hinges are being moved. Do not depend on the door gasket
magnets to hold the doors in place while you are working.
2. Remove the parts for the top hinge as shown in Top Hinge
graphic. Lift the refrigerator door free from the cabinet.
3. Remove the parts for the bottom hinge as shown in Bottom
Hinge graphic.
A.Cradle snap attachment
B.Basket cradle
" Hex-Head Top Hinge Screw