Whirlpool EHD192XK, EHD192VK Using your refrigerator, Setting the Controls, Adjusting Shelves

Models: ED19AK ED19TK EHD192VK EHD192XK

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Using your refrigerator

Using your refrigerator

Temperature Control - Set on 3

Setting the Controls.. .

Controls for adjusttng temperatures ore in both the

refrigerator and the freezer

To start:

1 Set the TEMPt OATURE CONTROL (I” the refrigero- tor) to 3

2 Set the AIR Cc)NTROL Iln the freezer1 to 3

The Meat Pan Alr Control.. .

Cold air flows against the meat pan through on opening

between the freezer and the

refrigerator This helps keep the meat pan colder than the rest of the refrigerator

Set the control to let mote or less cold air through

L Colder Meat Storage

Use Control to Adjust

Meat Pan Temperatures

Air Control-Set on 3

Give the refrigerator time to cool dowr com- pletely before adding food (This may take several hours) The control console has directions for adjust-

lng temperatures, of needed Controls WI/I be set about right if your milk or juice IS as cold us your family likes It. and when Ice cream IS firm

Do not block the air outlets on either control

panel That con slow the ar movement needed to

keep temperatures at the level you set

Adjusting Shelves...

Shelves con be adjusted to match the way you use your refrigerator

, .?_



Off Setting Helps

Save Energy

The POWER SAVING CON- TROL on the control panel in the

refrigerator operates electric heaters These heaters help pre- vent motsture from forming on the outside of the refrigerator when humidity IS high

if your mode/ has g/ass sheives, be corefui They ore heovv

To remove shelves:

1Tilt up at front

2Lift up at bock

3Pull shelf strolght out

To replace:

l Use the OFF setting





l Use ON if molstijre


on the outside

of the






1 Guide the rear hooks into the slots In the shelf supports

2 filt up front of shelf until hooks drop into slot Lower front of shelf to level positIon

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Whirlpool EHD192XK, EHD192VK, ED19TK, ED19AK warranty Using your refrigerator, Setting the Controls, Adjusting Shelves