Names Of the Parts, Controls, and Connectors
r[TUNING] Button
Allows overall tuning of the EZ-AG in semitone
increments, as well as selection of one of the EZ-
AG’s alternative tunings: in addition to standard gui-
tar tuning the EZ-AG provides drop-D, open-D,
open-G, and open-E tunings.
t[TEMPO] Button
Allows the song tempo to be set from q=32 through
y[CAPO] Button
Allows the position of the EZ-AG’s “virtual capo” to
be specified.
u[SONG] Button
Allows any of the 25 internal songs to be selected for
playback. In addition to the songs initially provided,
songs downloaded from the internet to a computer
can be read into and stored in the EZ-AG.
i[SOUND] Button
Allows selection of any of the EZ-AG’s 20 instru-
ment sounds.
o[DEMO] Button
Starts and stops song playback.
!0 [STRUM], [CHORD], [BOTH] Buttons
Starts playback of the selected song using the corre-
sponding playback method.
qPower Switch ([STANDBY/ON])
This is the EZ-AG power switch. Press the switch in
to turn the power ON. Press the switch again to return
it to the extended STANDBY position and turn power
wDC IN 12V Jack
The AC Power Adaptor (PA-3C) can be connected
This jack can be used to connect a pair of stereo
headphones for private practice or listening, or to
connect the EZ-AG to an audio system, television, or
instrument amplifier.
rMIDI IN/MIDI OUT Connectors
These connectors can be used to connect the EZ-AG
to other MIDI gear or a computer using standard
MIDI cables.
Connector & Power Switch Section
ew r
• Make sure that power to all external devices is OFF when
connecting the EZ-AG to avoid possible electric shock and
damage to the equipment. Also, start with all volume con-
trols turned down to minimum to prevent possible damage
to speakers and other playback equipment.