Zenoah GZ3500T Worse Effects Of Vibration, Kickback Safety Precautions For Chain Saw Users

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20.Operate the chain saw only in well ventilated areas. Never start or run the engine inside a closed room or building and potentially explosive at- mosphere. Exhaust fumes contain dangerous carbon monoxide.

21.Do not operate the chain saw in a tree

unless specially trained to do so.

22. Guard against kickback. Kickback is the upward motion of the guide bar which occurs when the saw chain at the nose of the guide bar contacts an object. Kickback can lead to dan- gerous loss of control of the chain saw.

23. When transporting your chain saw, make sure the appropriate guide bar scabbard is in place.

24. Never touch the cover, guide bar, saw chain or nut with bare hands while the engine is in operation or immedi- ately after shutting down the engine. Doing so could result in serious burns because of high temperature.

(1) guide bar

(2) saw chain

(3) nut


(2) Keep a good grip on the saw with both hands, the right hand on the rear handle, and the left hand on the front handle, when the engine is running. Use a firm grip with thumbs and fin- gers encircling the chain saw handles. A firm grip will help you re- duce kickback and maintain control of the saw.

(3) Make certain that the area in which you are cutting is free from obstruc- tions. Do not let the nose of the guide bar contact a log, branch, or any other obstruction which could be hit while you are operating the saw.

(4)Cut at high engine speeds.

(5)Do not overreach or cut above shoul- der height.

(6)Follow the manufacturer’s sharpening and maintenance instructions for the

saw chain.

(7) Only use replacement bars and KICKBACK SAFETY PRECAUTIONS chains specified by the manufacturer or the equivalent.


If you continue to use high-vibration tools these symptoms will probably get worse, for example:

the numbness in your hands could become perma-


nent and you won’t be able to feel things at all;

you will have difficulty picking up small objects such


as screws or nails;






Manual backgroundManual background • Kickback may occur when the nose

or tip of the guide bar touches an

object, or when the wood closes in and pinches the saw chain in the cut. Tip contact in some cases may cause

a l i g h t n i n g f a s t r e v e r s e reaction,kicking the guide bar up and back towards the operator. Pinching the saw chain along the top of the

guide bar may push the guide bar rapidly back towards the operator. Either of these reactions may cause

you to Iose control of the saw, which could result in serious personal injury.

Do not rely exclusively on the safety devices built into your saw. As a chain

saw user you should take several steps to keep cutting jobs free from accident or injury.

(1)With a basic understanding of kick- back you can reduce or eliminate the

element of surprise. Sudden surprise contributes to accidents.

• the vibration white finger could happen more fre-

quently and affect more of your fingers.

FOR PROTECTING YOUR BODY FROM VIBRATION Please observe the following matter, in order to pro- tect the health of your body.

1.Always use the right tool for each job (to do the job more quickly and expose you to less hand-arm vi- bration).

2.Check tools before using them to make sure they have been properly maintained and repaired to avoid increased vibration caused by faults or general wear.

3.Make sure cutting tools are kept sharp so that they remain efficient.

4.Reduce the amount of time you use a tool in one go, by doing other jobs in between.

5.Avoid gripping or forcing a tool or workpiece more than you have to.

6.Store tools so that they do not have very cold handles when next used.

7.Encourage good blood circulation by:

keeping warm and dry (when necessary, wear gloves, a hat, waterproofs and use heating pads if available);

giving up or cutting down on smoking because smoking reduces blood flow; and massaging and exercising your fingers


When disposing your machine, fuel or oil for the ma- chine, be sure to allow your local regulations.


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