Please read the users guide before proceeding with your
installations. Serious damage may occur if the procedure is not
followed properly.
This motherboard does not support CPUs with a Vcore higher than 1.6
volts. Please make sure the CPU you are using 1.6 volts or below.
Check the CPU specification before you insert it in the CPU socket.
AGP cards running at 3.3v are not supported. Only AGP cards running
at 1.5v (most 4x or 8x AGP cards) are supported on this motherboard.
Please make sure that your memory modules are inserted correctly.
They can go in only one way, and should fit completely in the socket
without sticking out. Failure to do so will damage your motherboard
and memory module.
An ATX 12V power supply (Power supply for Pentium 4 system) is
required for the system to operate normally. (Preferably 350 watts for
minimal loading or 400 watts for fully loaded system).
If you have any problem getting your system to work, please follow the
troubleshooting tips in your user manual.
On some motherboards, the actual chipset cooler may differ from the
chipset cooler as shown on the picture or on the box. However, the
chipset fan on the motherboard is of the same quality and will work just
as well as the one shown in the picture. (The chipset cooler is as
sufficient as the chipset fan based on a different design.)
For answers to Technical questions, please visit SOYO tech support
link at and