DVD DigiCopier
1,2,3! That is how easy it is to copy a DVD or a CD with the Addonics DVD DigiCopier! You can copy any DVD or CD without
a computer. All you need to do is place the master into the source drive located on the top of the unit and a blank media at the
destination drive at the bottom. Within few minutes your DVD or CD is copied, no button to push and no attention is needed.
It is more than a stand alone DVD Duplicator. It is also an External DVD-R/RW Burner! Want to create your own DVD title,
music CD, photo CD or data CD? It is a simple task for the Addonics DigiCopier as well. Just connect the DVD DigiCopier to
any Desktop or Notebook computer with the Addonics USIB interface cable and install the DVD/CD mastering software that
comes with the unit. Depending on the model you order, the DVD or CD DigiCopier can be connected to either a USB, Firewire
port or PCMCIA slot. After you create your own master, you can now make extra copies to distribute to your friends or
associates as easily as counting 1,2,3.
Just newly released! We also include a model that can copy DVD+R, DVD-R, DVD+RW and DVD-RW media. See detail
information below
zFast one to one DVD Duplicator
zAuto duplication and easy operation with no push buttons
zAuto source DVD or CD and blank DVD or CD detection
zAutomatic Format detection
zAuto detect DVD-R, DVD-RW, CD-R and CDRW media to perform at the maximum speed of the media
zFirmware upgradeable via the build in DVD Reader
zSmall foot print
zCan be used as an External DVD burner for PC or Notebook computers.
zConnects to USB, Firewire port or PCMCIA port (by attaching different Addonics USIB interface cables.)
zSupports buffer underrun
Note: may not able to copy-protected DVD or CD.
Model and Pricing
2466 Kruse Drive,
San Jose, CA 95131
408-433-3899 atc@addonics.com
Model Description and Package Content
4X DVD+/-R/RW Duplicator/USB 2.0 Burner
Package content: 4X DVD+/-R/RW and 16X CDRW Duplicator, external DVD-R/RW burner
with USB 2.0 USIB interface cable, Sonic MyDVD, DVD/CD mastering software and MPEGII
decoding software for Windows 98SE, Me, 2000 and XP, user guide