External Charger

Quick Start Guide
COAM30006 Rev. 1.02 11/22/00 1


q DO NOT operate the Apex III External Charger in any location which could result in
the unit getting splashed, wet, or immersed in liquid.
q DO NOT tamper or operate the Apex III External Charger if the case is perforated,
broken, or loosely held together.
q DO NOT operate the Apex III External Charger in any outside location where it could
become exposed to the elements. The Apex III External Charger has been designed
for indoor use only.
q DO NOT attempt to charge any other type battery pack or batteries other than Apex
III Battery Packs with your Apex III Dock or Apex III External Charger.
q ONLY use Compsee, Inc. approved cables and Power Supplies with your Apex III
q DO NOT touch more than one Battery Pack terminal at a time with any electrically
conductive material. A short across the Battery Pack terminals could result in the
sudden release of a large portion of the Battery Pack’s energy.

Unpacking And Initial Setup

1. Remove the Apex III External Charger from the packing carton and inspect the unit to
ensure it is good physical condition after shipping.
Charge State LED
Indicating Light [One Per Side]
Figure 1: Apex III External Charger
2. If you have ordered an External Charger Kit (Kit 1 or 2 – refer to the Support Section
of the External Charger User’s manual for part numbers and description), remove the
associated Power Supply and AC Line cable (if applicable) from the packing
container (refer to Figure 2 and Figure 3).
Figure 2: External Charger Power Supply