Once a modeler is installed in the DS-1, all of the signal input and output as well as
the power supply connections are made. No wall wart or external power is required,
the Reactor automatically selects and sends the correct power / voltage to the
modeler loaded DS-1. Installation and de-installation is quick and requires no tools.
The DS-1 is then easily loaded into the Reactor 50 112/212. A blank template is
also available for people who wish to use rack mount modelers and other choices for
prea m ps, inc lu ding the grow ing nu m be r of peop le using flo or ba sed “ped al sty le
amp mode ling prod ucts. T he Rea ctor’s cla ssic de sig n w ill long outlive current dig ital
technology with value, versatility, and the elegance of a classic.
Getting Started
If you are reading this manual you have probably already opened your Reactors
shipping carton. Now would be a good time to familiarize yourself with the things
that are inside the carton.
W ha t’s in the Bo x
Every Reactor 50 112/212 comes from the factory shipped complete with a DS-1
docking unit and the following items:
1. Owners Manual
2. Product Registration Card
Packed with the DS-1
1. One (1) AC line cable for proper usage in the country of purchase.
2. Three (3) mushroom head bumper caps
3. The wiring harness to connect a desktop style modeler into the DS-1.
The 50 112/212/50 or the 212/50 Atomic Reactor only have one controller. Not
because we forgot something or because the money ran out, but because the amp
modeler takes care of all the sound adjustments. It's not a bug, it's a feature!
The Input jack next to the On/Off switch (Red) and the Stand-By switch (Blue)
should be used as Guitar Input when Modelers like a Pod, V-Amp, ToneLab or Black
Box with the docking station DS-1 and the appropriate Template Kit are fitted in the
Atomic Reactor.
All other Modelers especially all Floor Pedals should be connected to the Return
Jack of the Atomic Reactor amplifier, the guitar is then connected to the Input jack
of the Modeler. The docking station DS-1 should then be closed with the blank
template kit, on which no drinks or food should be placed, even though the
temptation may be great. Your amp will not like drinks, they could kill him; liquids
are not good for a high voltage tube system.