Check if everything is co nn ected co rrectly an d then le t th e „D ocking S tation “ click
in to pla ce. If this so un ds com plicated , don’t w orry , it isn t. Just try it, it’s e asier tha n
you think.
Now turn the Master-Volume-Control on the rear side of the Atomic to the left
(Volume off) and switch the red Power Switch on, after of course connecting the
amplifier to the mains. Your Modeler will also switch on and the red power switch
will light up, err red? Yeah you guessed it. Even the tubes will start to glimmer now.
A tube amp needs time to warm up, the tubes need about 30 seconds to get up to
their working temperature. Now turn on the blue Stand-By switch, which will light
up green, no sorry only joking, it will light up blue. Now connect your guitar to the
Input Jack of your Atomic Amp. Turn the Master-Volume-Control on the rear side of
the amp and the Output-Level-Control of your Modeler to the required volume and
it’s time to start rocking. If you connected all your cables like we suggested and
your M odeler is turned on, you should be surrounded by amazing tube analogue
mixed with digital Modeler sounds, making crisp and warm guitar amp sounds. The
right Output Jack of the DS-1 connects the Modeler directly to the Send-R-Jack of
the Atomic Reactor-Effect-Loop on the rear side. The signal is mono until a cable is
put into the Send-R-Jack.
If you use a multi-effect device or just plain old stomp machines, they can be
connected using the normal Send and Return Jacks of the Atomic Amp. Using the
red push-button you can switch the Effect-Loop from mono to stereo. Check your
Modeler manual for information about controlling the output level.
For Rich Kids: If you want a really professional stereo solution, buy a second Atomic
Reactor amp. Connect the Send-R-Output from the first Atomic Amp (the one with
the Modeler!) with the Return-Jack on the rear of the second Atomic Amp.
For even Richer Kids: Wanna use more than one Modeler? No problem, just order a
second, third, fourth or fifth DS-1 and the Template Kit for your Modelers. Set up
like we described earlier and during a gig, you can snap one out, snap a new one in,
without turning the Atomic Amp off. The new Modeler is ready for use immediately.
Special instructions for owners of Floor-Amp-Modelers and other Modelers
not mentioned above
Do not despair, if you own one of these devices and cannot use the DS-1 Docking
Station. We will show you how it is done.
Installing a Blank Template into the DS-1
First locate the 8 screws
attaching the template
frame to the top of the
DS-1. There are 4
screws that come in
groups of 2 on each
side. Remove these
screw s (an d don t lose
them!) using a properly
sized Phillips-head