Overview of the Cisco 1005 1-1
Overview of the Cisco 1005
The Cisco1005 router is a small desktop router that links small remote sites with Ethernet
LANs to regional and central offices through WAN connections.
Features The router includes the following features:
One Ethernet 10BaseT port (RJ-45)
One console port (RJ-45)
One serial port (DB-60) that supports the following types of WAN communications:
Permanent and switched synchronous WAN links at speeds up to 2.048 Mbps
EIA/TIA-232 asynchronous WAN links at speeds up to 115.2 kbps
One slot for an optional Personal Computer Memory Card International Association
(PCMCIA) Flash memory card
Software boot using Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP) over an Ethernet LAN
connection or by using the optional Flash memory card
Internet Protocol (IP), Internetwork Packet Exchange (IPX), and AppleTalk routing
Transparent bridging, which supports protocols that cannot be routed
Support for the following WAN encapsulations: Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP),
High-Level Data Link Control (HDLC), Link Access Procedure Balanced (LAPB),
Frame Relay, Switched Multimegabit Data Service (SMDS), and X.25