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Release Note for the Cisco 11000 Series SecureContent Accelerator: SCA/SCA2
This release note applies to the Cisco 11000 Series Secure Content Accelerator, SCA and SCA2
versions.The note supplements information found in the Cisco 11000 Series Secure Content Accelerator
ConfigurationGuide distributed with version 4.1 of the firmware. The SCA2 offers significantly higher
performance than the other SCA device.
The Cisco 11000 Series Secure Content Accelerator is compatible with all Cisco content switches—the
CSS 11500 and CSS 11000 Series Content Services Switches, the Cisco LocalDirector,and the Content
Switching Module for the Catalyst 6500.
The following sections are presented in this note:
CD Contents
Reflashing the Firmware
Operational Notes

CD Contents

The CD-ROM contains the following resources:
Flash image
Electronic versions of this document and the Cisco 11000 Series Secure Content Accelerator
Configuration Guide

Reflashing the Firmware

The fw directory contains the firmwareimage of the SCA2. Use the following instructions to reflash the
firmware on the device. Please read the entire document before proceeding with the flash procedure.