Craftsman C944.511590, 0944.511590 manual

Models: 0944.511590 944.511590 C944.511590

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DANGER: Blade can thrust vio-

lently away from material it does not cut. Blade thrust can cause amputa- tion of arms or legs. Keep people and animals 50 feet (15 meters) away.


Blade can throw ob-

jects violently, You can be blinded or injured, Wear eye and leg protection.








• •








_WARNING: Hazard zone for

thrown objects. Blade can throw ob- jects violently. Others can be blinded or injured. Keep people and animals 50 feet (15 meters) away.

Hazard Zone

WARNING: The blade continues

to spin after throttle is released or en- gine is turned off. The coasting blade can throw objects or seriously cut you if accidentally touched. Stop the blade by contacting the left hand side of

coasting blade with material already cut.

Stop coasting


blade by contact


with cut material.



*Dress properly. Always wear safety glasses or similar eye protection when operating, or performing main- tenance on your unit (safety glasses are available). Eye protection should be marked Z87.

*Always wear face or dust mask if op- eration is dusty.

*Always wear heavy, long pants, long sleeves, boots, and gloves. Wearing safety leg guards is recommended.

*Always wear foot protection. Do not go barefoot or wear sandals.

*Secure hair above shoulder length. Secure or remove loose clothing and jewelry or clothing with loosely hang- ing ties, straps, tassels, etc. They can be caught in moving parts.

*Being fully covered also helps pro- tect you from debris and pieces of toxic plants thrown by spinning blade.

*Stay Alert. Do not operate unit when you are tired, ill, upset or under influ- ence of alcohol, drugs, or medica- tion. Watch what you are doing; use common sense.

. Wear hearing protection.

. Never start or run the engine inside a

closed room or building. Breathing exhaust fumes can kill.

. Keep handles free of oil and fuel.

. Always use the handlebar and a properly adjusted shoulder strap when using brushcutter attachment (see ASSEMBLY).


WARNING: Disconnect power-

head spark plug before performing maintenance.

Look for and replace damaged or loose parts before each use. Look for and repair fuel leaks before use. Keep unit in good working condition.

Throw away blades that are bent, warped, cracked, broken, or dam- aged in any other way. Replace any parts that are cracked, chipped, bro- ken, or damaged in any other way before using the unit.

Maintain the unit according to recom- mended procedures. Keep the blade sharp. Never use flailing devices, wire, rope, string, etc.

Use only specified blade; make sure it is properly installed and securely fastened.

Never start engine with clutch shroud removed. The clutch can fly off and cause serious injury.

Page 3
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Craftsman C944.511590, 0944.511590 manual