Craftsman C944.511590, 0944.511590 manual Shoulderstrapassembly

Models: 0944.511590 944.511590 C944.511590

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6, Retightenhandlebarbyturning clampknobclockwiseuntilhandle- barissecureandstationaryin clamp(clampknobcannotbe overtightened),


Upper Shoulder




i_ WARNING: Proper sbeulder strap

and handlebar ad ustments are required before use, The shou der strap camp must be installed as shown above the

handlebar on the upper tube (power- head end of unit),

NOTE: The lower shoulder strap clamp has two spacer tabs attached. These tabs are provided to adapt this attachment for use with powerheads that have a 1" diameter upper tube (the shoulder strap clamp will not tight- en down securely on the 1" diameter upper tube without using these spacer tabs), The tabs must be broken off completely before use and placed over the screw holes on the lower shoulder strap clamp. These tabs are not need- ed for powerheads with a 7/8" upper tube,



Spacer Tabs_ub"l_l_lt_l_,_

.r_- Spacer Tabs positioned for use

on 1" diameter

upper tube

1, Place the upper shoulder strap

clamp over the upper tube above the handlebar.

2, Position the lower shoulder strap clamp under the upper tube and align the upper and lower clamp screw holes (use spacer tabs be- tween upper and lower clamps if necessary to secure clamp, i.e. for 1" diameter upper tube),


Strap Clamp


3, Insert two screws into the screw holes.

4, Secure shoulder strap clamp by tightening screws with the hex wrench,

5, Try on shoulder strap and adjust for fit and balance before starting the engine or beginning a cutting opera- tion,

6, Insert your right arm and head through the shoulder strap and al- low it to rest on your left shoulder, Make sure the danger sign is on your back and the hook is to the right side of your waist.

NOTE: A one-half twist is built in the

shoulder strap to allow the strap to rest flat on the shoulder,

7, Adjust the strap, allowing the hook to be about 6 inches below the waist.

8, Fasten the strap hook to the upper clamp and lift the tool to the oper- ating position,

Shoulder Strap




Page 6
Image 6
Craftsman C944.511590, 0944.511590 manual Shoulderstrapassembly