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August 2003
See your

Owner's Manual

for additional setup instructions,
including how to connect a printer.
To access support and educational tools, double-click the
DDeellll SSoolluuttiioonn CCeenntteerricon on the Microsoft® Windows®desktop.
You can also access Dell through ssuuppppoorrtt..ddeellll..ccoomm.
For additional information about your computer, click the
SSttaarrttbutton and click HHeellpp aanndd SSuuppppoorrtt:
To access the

Tell Me How

help file, click UUsseerr aanndd ssyysstteemm
gguuiiddeess, click UUsseerr''ss gguuiiddeess, and then click TTeellll MMee HHooww.
For help with the Windows operating system, click
MMiiccrroossoofftt WWiinnddoowwss XXPP TTiippss.

Open the door for:

1. IEEE 1394 option

Connect devices such as digital cameras to the IEEE 1394 connector.

2. CD or DVDdrive

Play CDor DVD discs in this drive.

3. PC Card option

Connect certain types of PC Cards in this slot.

4. Front USB 2.0 connectors (2)

Connect accessories, such as game controllers and digital cameras, to these USB connectors.

5. Headphone connector

Plug headphones into thisconnector. Doing so disables sound from your speakers.
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Set Up Other Devices LastHelp and Support
6Turn on the computer and monitor.

Connect other devices according to their documentation.

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