3-2 Installationand TroubleshootingGuide
Additionally,you may need to add hard-diskdrives and a Dell PowerEdge Expandable
RAIDController (PERC) to each node if youare setting up the systemsinternal drives
ina hardware RAID configuration. However,this configurationis not a requirement for
clustering.See the
Installationand TroubleshootingGuide
foryour PowerEdgesystem
for instructions on installing exp ansion cards or hard-disk drives in your node.
Placing Fibre Channel HBAs
Fordual HBA configurations, Dell recommends placing FibreChannel HBAs on sepa-
ratePCI buses. Placing the adapters on separate buses improves availabilityand
NOTE:See the Dell PowerEdge Cluster FE100/FL100and FE200/FL200 Platform
Guide for more information on yo ur systemsPCI bus configuration and supported
Configuring Enclosure Addresses
When addingPowerVault 630F disk-arrayenclosures (DAE) to a PowerVault650F or
addingPowerVault 224F DAEsto aPowerVault 660F,assign a unique enclosure
address(EA) to each DAE.
NOTE:See the Dell PowerVault630F and 250F Rackmount Storage Systems Installa-
tionand Ser vice Guideand the Dell PowerVault 660F and 224F RackmountStorage
SystemsInstallation and Service Guide formore information on setting enclosure