PreparingPowerEdgeand PowerVault Systemsfor Clustering 3-1


Preparing PowerEdge and PowerVault Systems for Clustering
Thischapter provides informationon adding peripherals, placing Fibre Channel host
busadapters (HBAs), and configuring enclosure addresses.

Adding Peripherals Required for


WARNING: Hardware installation should be performed only by trained
service technicians. Before working inside the computer system, see the
safety instructions in your PowerEdge System Information document to
avoid a situation that could cause serious injury or death.
Youmay need to add peripheral devicesand expansion cards to the system to meet
theminimum cluster requirements listed in the
DellPowerEdge Cluster FE100/FL100
andFE200/FL200 Platform Guide
.For example, each PowerEdgenode must have two
networkinterface controller (NIC) cards to meet the minimum configurationrequire-
ments.Each node also needs one or two HBAs to access the shared storage
NOTES:If you are adding storage area networking (SAN) components,see the Dell
PowerEdgeCluster F-SeriesSAN Guide for more information on supported configura-
tionsand components.
Seethe Dell PowerEdge Cluster FE100/FL100and FE200/FL200 Platform Guide for
peripheralcomponent interconnect (PCI) slot guidelines.
F/660Fstorage system to meet the
clusterrequirements for the shared storage subsystem, youmay need to install addi-
tionalFibre Channel disk drives in the shared storage system.The size and number of
drivesyou add depend on the redundant array of independent disks(RAID) level you
wantto use and the number of Fibre Channel disk drives currently in your system.
NOTE:For information on installing Fibre Channel diskdrives in your PowerVault
storagesystem, see your PowerVaultstorage system’sInstallation and Troubleshoot-