1-8 Setting up the Scanner
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Initializing the Scanner

Before connecting the scanner to your computer, follow the steps
below to make sure that the scanner is operating properly.
1. Place the scanner on a flat, stable surface.
2. Connect the AC power cord packed with your scanner to the
AC adapter supplied with your scanner.
3. Slide the transportation lock to the ri ght and then connect the
AC adapter to the DC inlet on the back of the scanner.
4. Open the document cover so you can see the operation of the
scanner during initialization (startup).
5. Plug the other end of the power cord into an electrical outlet.
The indicator light starts flashing.
It is not possible to change the AC adapter's voltage. If the
label on the AC adapter does not show the correct voltage for
your country, contact your dealer. Do not plug in the power
DC inlet
transportation lock