Evo Fitness 53551 owner manual preassembly, Before Beginning, 1.888.800.1167 ext, Open the boxes

Models: 53551

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Open the boxes

You are now ready to open the boxes of your new equipment. Make sure to inventory all of the parts that are included in the boxes. Check the Parts List Chart for a full count of the number of parts included for this product to be assembled properly. If you are missing any parts or have any assembly questions call our Customer Service Department toll free at:

1.888.800.1167 ext. 2

Gather your tools

Before starting the assembly of your unit, make sure that you have gathered all the necessary tools you may require to assemble the unit properly. Having all of the necessary equipment at hand will save time and make the assembly quick and hassle-free.

Clear your work area

Make sure that you have cleared away a large enough space to properly assemble the unit. Make sure space is flat, level and free from anything that may cause injury during assembly. After the unit is fully assembled, make sure there is a comfortable amount of free area around the unit for unobstructed operation.

Invite a friend

Some of the assembly steps may require heavy lifting. It is recommended that you obtain the assistance of another person when assembling this product.


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Evo Fitness 53551 preassembly, Before Beginning, 1.888.800.1167 ext, Open the boxes, Gather your tools, Invite a friend