PN 134489700A (0501)


Cycle Selection

Turn the Cycle Selector knob to the desired cycle. For best
results, follow the fabric care label instructions on items to
be washed. To change the selection after the cycle has
begun, press PAUSE/CANCEL twice before making an-
other choice.
Note: Garments can not be added when the Delicate,
Handwash, Wool and Bulky cycles are selected. The
higher water level provides optimum cleaning and
care for items washed in those cycles. The door
remains locked throughout the entire cycle to
prevent water spills.
If the cycle is interrupted during spin, it will take
approximately 2-3 minutes for the door lock to re
lease. DO NOT force open the door .
To stop the washer, press PAUSE/CANCEL twice.
9. A signal will sound when the Cycle Signal option is
selected. Remove items from the washer when the
cycle ends.
If desired, add liquid chlorine bleach and liquid fabric
softener to the appropriate compartments.
Slowly close dispenser drawer. The washer will not
operate with the drawer open.
Any water remaining in the dispenser at the end of
the cycle is a result of siphoning action and part of
normal operation
6. Select the appropriate cycle and settings for the
Turn the Cycle Selector knob to select the cycle.
Suitable wash and rinse water temperatures, final
spin speed, options and soil level for each cycle will
automatically be displayed.
To change the settings, press the TEMP, SPIN and
SOIL buttons. To provide the best care for your
laundry, not every temperature, spin speed, option
and soil level is available with every cycle. If a
setting is not available, its indicator will not light.
To select or delete an option, press OPTIONS, then,
while the indicator is blinking, press SELECT. The
indicator will light when the option has been
selected. It will no longer be lighted when the
option has been deleted.
Adjustments to the cycle will be remembered each
time that cycle is selected in the future. See the
Cycle Selections chart for factory settings.
7. Select DELAY START to delay the beginning of the
cycle for up to 12 hours.
8. Start the washer.
Close the door and press START. The washer
will not operate with the door open.

Before Operating Your Washer

Read your washer Owner’s Guide. It has important safety
and warranty information. It also has many suggestions
for best washing results.
To reduce the risk of fire, electric shock or
injury to persons, read the IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUC-
TIONS in your washer Owner’s Guide before operating
this appliance.

Operating Steps

Read and follow “Washing Procedures” in your Owner’s
Guide. It provides detailed information for preparing the
wash load and choosing control settings to ensure best
washing results.
1. Sort laundry into loads that can be washed together.
2. Prepare items for washing.
3. Pretreat stains and heavy soil.
4. Add laundry load to the wash drum.
5. Add laundry products to the dispenser.
Detergent, bleach and fabric softener will be dis
pensed at the proper time in the cycle.
Slide safety latch to the right to open the dispenser
Add the recommended amount of a
high efficiency detergent to the detergent
As a safety measure, the door will automati-
cally lock during the entire wash cycle and the
DOOR LOCK indicator will be lighted.
A forgotten item can be added to the wash
drum if the ADD GARMENT indicator is lighted.
Press PAUSE/CANCEL once, open the door,
add the item, close the door and press START
to resume the cycle.