Method of playing the game

Game control buttons

Game control buttons and method of playing the game

Used to confirm the digits
To select the background
when playing game
To start/restart the game
To exit game
1. Press GAME button to start the game screen, then press VOL+ to
select the score of BET(1-10)( the score will decrease as much as
the value of BET). After these operation you could press VOL-
to enter the game , the digits and flag will change quickly.
2. Press VOL+ to enter after select a digit(1-8), and then the
selection of the second digit, press VOL+ again to start the
second digit selection. REACH will display on the screen if
2 is also selected; and WIN will display on the screen if 2
is selected on the third position, and the score will also display
on the screen.
3. You can press the GAME button to restart the game when it
is game over or during the process of the game.
Used to select
the score
This TV set provides you with the game, after entering the game,
except the buttons that are appointed in the game( for example, the game button,
CH+/-and MODE, etc.)and the DC Stand by button, the other buttons cannot be
Note WIN displays on the screen on the following condition, and the score
is as following
The three position Score
Two 7(7 appears on two position )
Two flags
Three 7
Three flags
Three other digits except 7