Warning and Cautions
1. When you clean the TV set, please
pull out the power plug from AC outlet.
Don't clean the cabinet and the
screen with benzene, petrol and other
4. To prevent the TV set from firing
and electric shock, don't expose the
TV set to rain or moisture.
2. In order to prolong the using life of
the TV set, please place it on a
ventilated place.
5. Don't open the back cover,
otherwise it is possible to damage the
components in the TV set and harm
3. Don't place the
TV set in the
sunshine or near
heat source.
6. When the TV set isn't going to be
used for long time or it is in thunder
and lightening, please pull out the
plug from AC outlet and the antenna
plug from the cover of the TV set.

Explanation on the display tube

In general, it is not needed to clean the tube surface. However, necessary,
it's surface can be cleaned with a dry cotton cloth after cutting off the power.
Don't use any cleanser. If using hard cloth, the tube surface will be damaged.