Antenna connection

Generally speaking, to enjoy a clearer picture, we recommend that you use a CATV
system or an outdoor antenna .In different places, the suitable antenna type and position
are different.
300 twin-lead cable
Antenna adapter
75 coaxial cable
(additional purchase) AC power socket
Antenna input
75 standard
coaxial type
* It is recommended that you'd better use 75
* Don't bind antenna cable and electric wire together.
coaxial cable to remove the
disturbance caused by airwave.

Preparation for the remote control

Battery installation Tips for remote operation
Remove the batteries cover. The battery life should be about one year
under normal use.
When the remote control will not be used
for a long period of time or when the
batteries are worn out, remove the batteries
to prevent leakage.
Do not throw the batteries into a fire.
Dispose of used batteries in the specified
Do not drop, dampen or disassemble the
remote control.
Insert two size AA batteries matching
the +/-polarities of the battery to the +/-
marks inside the battery compartment.