HP hd100 External HD DVD-ROM Drive

High-speed external drive with HD DVD-ROM, DVD±R/±RW and ±R double-layer read capability


HP's external HD DVD-ROM drive lets you enjoy your favorite HD DVD movies available today on your PC and experience the full power of high-definition movie playback. HD DVD provides spectacular high definition pictures with six times better resolution than standard DVD and extraordinary sound.

HD DVD technology enables the use of new and exciting advanced interactivity features. Examples include the ability access to broadband Internet even while a movie is playing or while watching your movie, bookmark your current location -- it's saved even after your disc is ejected. Possible interactivity features include the ability to chat online, click ona product and be linked to a website where you can buy it, view live broadcasts or play games that are seamlessly integrated into the movie.1


Now you can play HD DVD movies on your PC and experience the full power of digital video. Enjoy movie extras and more.

Extraordinary sound (HD DVD feeds three-times more soundtrack information to your system than standard DVD).

Spectacular high-definition picture


Experience the next generation of high-definition technology today – as well as your regular DVDs and CDs.

More extras than you have ever experienced before.

Presentation settings.

Bookmarking of favorite scenes for later viewing.


Easy to install. Connects to your PC or notebook with a USB 2.0 connection.

(1)While these features are possible through the HD DVD specification, initial HD DVD movies may not implement such interactivity features.